"(The Elvis Cole series)...is most memorable for its intense, character-driven studies of people searching for context and purpose in their lives. Very few thrillers leave readers with teary vision, pondering such profundities as acceptance and forgiveness. This is one of the few. A deeply moving, heartfelt mystery."
- Booklist

" . . . Crais keeps the suspense and the action boiling by leading the reader step by step toward the shocking solution to the two mysteries at the novel's heart...in what continues to be one of today's best detective series."
- The Los Angeles Times

"Even at their goriest and most violent, there is a humanity about Robert Crais's Elvis Cole PI novels . . . these L.A.-noir thrillers feel as if they might have been written by Raymond Chandler if he had been a nice guy."
- The Washington Post

"(THE FORGOTTEN MAN)...blends high-powered action, a commanding cast, and a touch of dark humor to excellent dramatic effect....Crais boasts a distinctive knack for a sucker-punch element of surprise."
- Publishers Weekly

"The Forgotten Man is Crais at his quietly brilliant best, where each turn of the page potentially hides a bombshell revelation in stark, beautiful, and memorable prose . . . [A] winner in every sense of the word."
- BookReporter.Com

"Robert Crais is a crime writer of incredible talent - His novels are not only suspenseful and deeply atmospheric . . . they are very hard to put down."
- Dan Brown, Author of the Da Vinci Code

(Starred Review) "A potent mix of sound detection, black humor, cut-and-run action, and half a dozen first-class surprises. Welcome back, Elvis."
- Kirkus Reviews

"Robert Crais has evolved . . . into a master . . . "
- The St. Petersburg Times

"Crais writes a spare prose that modulates smoothly into something bordering on the poetic . . . "
- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"It is an emotional trip that moves with a brutal honesty about the power of forgiveness, never once dipping into gimmickry . . . At the same time, [it] delivers a rip-roarin story . . . The Forgotten Man is another memorable entry in a series that has never disappointed."
- The South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Crais is a master at story pacing, and he proves that again in The Forgotten Man . . . the novel offers one lengthy, satisfying adrenaline rush."
- January Magazine

"In this riveting novel with a vivid sense of place . . . Crais sets four different characters in motion. Like freight trains on a collision course, they move forward, relentlessly gaining momentum. Anyone who enjoys a well-written, fast-paced, noirish thriller with a great aha! moment, shouldn't miss The Forgotten Man."
- Boston.Com

"I read a literary novel last weekend for which the publisher paid millions, and hated every word on every page. Then I picked up THE FORGOTTEN MAN by Robert Crais, and almost swooned with pleasure. Good writing. It can be there regardless of whether a book is deemed literary or commercial."
- Victoria Skurnick, Editor-in-Chief, Book-of-the-Month Club

"Our long national nightmare is over--Elvis Cole is back. THE FORGOTTEN MAN is the first great mystery novel of 2005. We can't imagine many more joining its rarified air. Crais has evolved and matured as a writer in a way that connects with the central nervous system of the reader."
- Don Crouch, NewMysteryReader.Com

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