These great fans showed their exuberance for all things Joe Pike and Elvis Cole at Robert's recent appearances during THE SENTRY TOUR!

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Opening night for THE SENTRY was at Diesel Bookstore in  Brentwood, California. So many people jammed the store we took over the food court outside.
Inside Diesel...hardcore readers jockey for position in line. Take no prisoners!
The lights went out in Seattle. This is me, signing by flashlight at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Washington.
After a noon signing at Seattle Mystery Bookstore, I jumped back to Los Angeles for an SRO event at the now departed Mystery Bookstore in Westwood. Linda and Bobby, we miss you!
Imposters had been sighted at the Mystery Bookstore earlier, but the crowd wasn't fooled.

Life for a touring author isn't all airports and signings. After a spectacular event at Murder By The Book in Houston, I'm out for dinner with booksellers McKenna Jordan (she owns the joint), Anne Kimbol, and Robbie Tinn. And martinis. We also had martinis.
The next night, I was in Dallas, and once more thinking of food. This time, it was Dickey's Drive-thru BBQ. Hey, man, it's Texas. Even drive-thru bbq in a gas station is terrific!
The best thing about touring is the awesome people you meet. Check out Jason's tats. They're real.
Another reader made Joe Pike lemon desserts. Love those red arrows!
Bet you think that's Don Johnson behind those Wayfarers! Nope--just me, livin' the dream. We barnstormed straight outta Texas to Florida.
...where Murder on the Beach in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida, gifted me with another SRO event.
Then it was on to the frigid midwest, where almost 200 people braved the snow to make the scene at the St. Louis County Library. Some of these folks drove for seven hours to see me. Ladies and gentlemen, you will never know how deeply you touch me.
It was on to Chicago, where there was snow...
...and Milwaukee, where there was MORE snow. There were also great signings at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville (outside Chicago) and Milwaukee's own Mystery One Bookshop.
This is Kandi Rich, who makes all the amazing Elvis and Joe-inspired nail art videos you see on YouTube. Kandi came out for my event at Anderson's. With killer nails.
After a few days in the snow, the kind folks at Putnam airlifted me to San Diego to thaw. And also to sign at Warwick's Bookstore in La Jolla. Another killer crowd.
Then north again where another huge crowd waited at the Belmont Library, courtesy of M Is For Mystery Bookstore in nearby San Mateo. Folks, back in the day, only three or four people would come to my signings. I can't thank you enough for turning out like you do.
Then home again to LA where the tour was winding down with signings at Borders in nearby Torrance, Mysteries to Die For in Thousand Oaks, Book'em Mysteries in South Pasadena, and Book Carnival in Orange. Here's the crowd at Mysteries to Die For, which was packed to the rafters...
Nobody enjoys my signings more than me. That's because I have the World's Greatest Readers. As Joe Pike would say, "Stay groovy."

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