On this page we present a selection of photos from RC's highly successful U.S. tour for THE WATCHMAN. Click on a photo to view a larger image.
Die-hard Craisies, (from left to right) Rae, Elyse, Betsy and Diann, had a great time at our launch party at Dutton's in Brentwood, California. The massive crowd at Vromans, in Pasadena, California, waves for the camera while awaiting RC's arrival. A little Q&A with RC.
Joe and Joe's evil twin...but which is which? As always, RC's having a blast signing tons of books and meeting lots of fans. RC mesmerizing the huge crowd at Book Passage in Corte Madera outside San Francisco.
RC found a WATCHMAN wall waiting for him at the Simon & Schuster building in Manhattan. RC with Otto Penzler at Mr. Penzler's Manhattan bookstore, The Mysterious Bookstore. The Mysterious bookstore is the most well-known mystery bookstore in the world. Here, RC and Otto are standing behind some of the several hundred books RC signed that night. Here, RC is speaking at the Georgia Center for the Book, a beautiful facility at the Decatur, Georgia, library.
Check out the huge crowd at the Borders in Bailey's Crossroads outside Washington, DC. A regular stop on our tour schedule, RC saw many old friends and met many new readers. After the nation's capitol, RC visited Chester County Book &
Music Company in West Chester, Pennsylvania for the first time.
RC greeting and signing books for the great folks at Chester County Books.  Note the USC fan. Like RC, he's a long way from southern California.
Heading for warmer climes, RC stopped by Murder on the Beach in Delray Beach, Florida. Here he is with owner, Joanne Sinchuk. At Books & Books in Coral Gables, RC was surprised by good friends Kelly Levendorf and Jianna Baker. RC and Jeff Guinn at Casa Manana in Ft. Worth, Texas. Jeff interviewed RC before a crowd of almost 400 people. The event was
sponsored by the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.
The Ft. Worth event was so large Jeff had his own 'backstage militia' to handle the crowd. Here's RC signing for the crowd after being grilled by Jeff. RC loved it. After the event, Jeff and RC relaxed backstage. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.
At Houston's legendary bookstore, Murder by the Book, RC was introduced to the SRO crowd by novelist Dean James. More than 125 people attended. The Houston queue. The event was orderly. No riot police were called. Joe Pike and the Pikettes. Really. We wouldn't lie.
After Houston, RC flew to Denver where he spoke to the great crowd at the Tattered Cover Bookstore -- -- then signed their books. In Kansas City, RC appeared at an event hosted by Rainy Day Books. Here he is with legendary booksellers Vivian Jennings and Roger Doeren.
Another great crowd at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, Illinois, outside Chicago. Signing for the gang. The Anderson's crew: Carol, RC, Doris, and Lauren.
On the road from Chicago to Milwaukee with Bill Young, the Joe Pike of media escorts. Bill introduced RC to 'fried curds.' Don't ask. An aerial shot of the crowd at Mystery One Bookshop in Milwaukee. Some people drive for hours to catch RC at a signing. Paul
Macintosh flew in from Scotland. Here's Paul, presenting RC with a team jersey from Paul's favorite Scottish soccer team, the Rangers.
A fitting front window homage to the World's Greatest Author at Mysteries to Die For in Thousand Oaks, California. Fans arrived hours early to stake out a good spot in the line that spilled out onto the street  -- then RC worked the standing-room-only crowd.
RC and the lovely ladies of Mysteries to Die For. From left to right, Jean, RC, Heidi and Jane. RC gets intimate with the crowd at Book Em in Pasadena, California -- then shows off The Watchman's author photo and explains the look his publisher was going for - constipated. 
With socks like those, it's easy to see where Elvis gets his sense of humor.    

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