Six months after nearly losing everything to the men who kidnapped his girlfriend's ten-year-old son, Elvis Cole is slowly rebuilding his life when he receives an ominous call from the LAPD. An unidentified body has been found in a seedy Los Angeles motel and Elvis is needed urgently at the scene. When he arrives to identify the dead man, cops scrutinize Cole's reaction, but Elvis is unable to help -- he has never seen the man before. Finally, Elvis is told that the subject was still alive when the first officer responded. Before he died, the old man claimed that Elvis Cole was his son.

     Cole turns to the one person who can help him navigate the minefield of his past -- his longtime partner and confidant, Joe Pike. As the two men launch a feverish search for the dead man's identity, Elvis struggles between wanting to believe he's found his father at last -- and allowing his suspicions to hold him back. With each clue they uncover, a frightening picture begins to emerge about who Elvis Cole's father might have been, and the terrible crimes he might have committed.

     Drawing ever-closer to a deeply buried and violent secret, Cole and Pike are unaware that they've also awakened a sleeping monster -- a merciless killer who has meticulously prepared for the day he would be found, setting an intricate ambush that is guaranteed to destroy anyone who comes looking. As Elvis and Joe approach the true identity of the dead man, they follow a treacherous path lined with anguish and deception, straight into Elvis's worst nightmare.

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